July 7, 2009

Hurst Hook-up

I got a grab bag of goodies today from my only local source of fly tying gear (except Robert's craft). A couple months ago, I was going through a phase where I bought fly tying gear on a daily basis. One of the guys at Ace told me to save my money because he was getting ready to clearance a bunch of tying stuff and he'd give me first dibs on the goods.
Since then I've been hassling him to give me to call to come by and claim my reward for being his best fly tying customer. Last Sunday while on a break from work, He gave me the go-ahead to come in today and pick through the bin.
It was overwhelming all the items to choose from. I mixed items of need and wants together and depending on the price he gave me, I could put things back. I told him I only had about $60 and he said he'd give me the pile of wants and needs for $55 plus tax!
I walked out with;
2 vises
10+ pks of tungsten beads
5+ pks of cyclops beads
2 hair stackers
4 pairs of Wapsi scissors
8+ pks of TMC hooks
4+ pks Mustad hooks (original and signature)
15+ spools of thread
A tool/thread holder
and various other tools and material

This is a rough estimate of retail cost of items...

81% off...Not a bad deal!

I met Kyle back at Ace about an hour later and Kyle picked up the remainder of the items, with a few extras, for a fair price!

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  1. Sounds like you may have got the best deal. All I got was a bunch of Mustad hooks:)