July 28, 2009

Boulder Mountain Bash

Matt has the schematics of the trip. But long story short, after many trials and tribulations (including nearly gluing my shirt to my arm with Zap a gap), I finally caught a Tiger! I got it to hand, but it slipped off the hook right when I was picking it up for the photo-op. But maybe I'll have photographic proof of my second Tiger.

Thanks to the Blood-thirsty Chucko, we had some tasty Brookies for tacos; fresh from the lake to our plates.

We finished off the trip on one of my favorite streams and had a fair share of fish sub-surface and a few on dries and streamers. Usually the irrigation flow is too high to fish the stream this time of year, but it was perfect. But I can't wait for this fall!

Kyle was nice enough to not only drive, but bring along snacks. Thanks again!


  1. freakin hilarious picture. your goofy just like your googley eyes