July 21, 2009

Mutant Mouse

I'm heading to the Boulder Mountains tomorrow and looking forward to catching fish on mouse patterns. I added a little glow in the dark foam to these flies. I think it will make things a little easier at night. I'll report back soon!

This is a modified "Matt Hynes Mouse". I really like this fly and he has a great tutorial on how to tie it. I had the hardest time spinning hair until I viewed his other tutorial on spinning hair. I used GSP 100 thread and didn't have any issues breaking the thread, but I cut the foam and hair a couple times from too much pressure.


  1. The Glow in the Dark foam is key, I'll be trying to find some of that around here. The GSP is great but I don't like it when it frays, does cut everything though.

    I tied Foam Hoppers tonight with 50 GSP, good stuff.

  2. I bought the foam at "Robert's Craft". I plan to put glow-foam on some other patterns to help me when it gets darker. I have a hard time leaving the water until its too dark to see. Now I can stay out even longer!